An engine that supports the generation of stories and makes them easier to write.

1-2 days, up to 20 people:

  We will set aside the traditional ‘quest’ narrative with its single protagonist in favour of an approach suited to contemporary mediums.

  This approach will be systemic, which means that it will consider narrative as an intervention in systems of conflict rather than as a series of contingent, irreversible events.

  No writing experience necessary!

Led at:

Cologne Game Lab, semi-annually since 2018



What does it take to author a complex storyworld and who should own it?

1-3 hrs, up to 30 people:


  No single person can maintain a complex storyworld across mediums, but this challenges our historical view of the author as godlike creator.

  This is an interactive workshop that starts with a brief history of copyright in relation to the individual author and ends with a united effort to collectively originate a storyworld under a Creative Commons license.

Led at:

Creative Commons Global Summit 2019, Lisbon

Mozfest 2019, London

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