Writing/Directing Reel

          The Blue Seal 2010 (feature) writer, co-producer

'The Blue Seal' follows John Kraft, a socially awkward farmer who longs for secluded retirement but is held back by his sordid involvement with a criminal delivery organization. Victim to relentless attempts on his life, this good-natured man finds himself pushed onto a path of violence until his irreversible deeds leave him with more solitude than he could have wished for.

          Stereography Experiment 2011 (short) writer, co-producer

Lucy tries to leave but her father has hidden her passport and is willing to do anything to stop her.

          Confess.Confess 2012 (short) writer, director, producer

Lonnie returns to the city when she hears that her abusive ex and former best friend are engaged. She tries to protect her friend, Emma, but becomes territorial when she sees she has been utterly replaced.

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